How to choose an attorney


Chosing an attorney can be a difficult thing. You may think that all attorneys are alike and one is just as good as another. That may or may not be true when it comes to technical prowess, but there are so many more points to consider. Legal matters are complex and usually involve a great deal of emotion. Your case is important to you, but sometimes you might get the feeling it doesn't matter to the attorney or thier staff. It should! When it Really Matters, like your case does to you, you need an attorney who will treat you and your case like they matter.

So, in chosing the right attorney, consider that you'll be beginning an ongoing relationship that lasts for months or even years. You'll not only begin a relationship with the attorney, but also his or her staff. So ask yourself the following questions in making your determination:

-- Do I like this person, or do they make my skin crawl?

-- Do I like thier staff, or same problem? This may be the person I work with often!

-- How many different people am I going to have to work with? Will they even remember me?

-- Do the people in the office seem happy? If they are miserable, they'll probably make you miserable!

-- How is the office decorated and arranged? This can be a window into the soul of the attorney and staff, you can gain valuable insight into what is important to them, thier pride in thier personal appearance, their attention to detail, their professionalism, their personality, and remember you may spend a great deal of time in this office!

-- Did I speak with an actual attorney? And did he or she listen to me and answer my questions? This should be an indication of how your case will proceed. You're not going to become more important to an attorney once you've paid them. If they ignore you when they are trying to impress you and gain your confidence, then it should be obvious that it will only get worse as time goes on. If they are rude or impatient now, imagine how they'll be later!

--Did they make promises that seem unrealistic? If so, run like hell!

-- Finally, go with your instinct. You're putting alot of faith and trust into this person. You need to feel comfortable.

Above is what I consider important in determining how I'll treat you and your case. If this sounds reasonable to you, please contact me to discuss your legal issues.