American Patriotism: What Really Matters


While driving into work this morning I heard "Proud to Be an American" by Lee Greenwood. I stopped at the Maverick for breakfast and waited in the parking lot while the song finished. In the distance I watched the American Flag flapping in the breeze over a ratty looking trailer. The phrase "there's pride in every American heart and they can't take that away" was poignant. ...

We are the "United States of America" but there has been nothing united about the two political parties and the discourse of this election. Party extremists are pounding the pulpits about "Obama's birth certificate" and "Romney's tax returns." This is all a ruse to draw our attention from what really matters. Obama is the president - deal with it - if he doesn't have a valid birth certificate the time for that argument was 3 1/2 years ago before he signed hundreds of legal documents as our president, which would all be subject to challenge. Mitt Romney can do whatever he wants with his money. We should all be more focused on what the government does with our money.

Rather than focus on divisive issues, we need to focus on what really matters: unemployment over 8% for nearly 4 years, devaluation of the American dollar, downgrade of America's credit rating, record foreclosures and bankruptcies, a skyrocketing national debt and deficit spending. The only question that really matters is "which candidate is more capable of leading this Nation out of the current economic mess? The president for the last 3 1/2 years, or the businessman with a proven track record for turning around failing enterprises. We have all been distracted from discussing the truly important issue in this election by political smoke and mirrors.

My Business Slogan is "When it Really Matters." November 6th is that day.