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Divorce and Family Law

Marriage can be the single greatest experience of you life. Or the greatest nightmare. If your marriage is not going well it can cause more misery and it can effect you more than any other relationship in your life. It also can affect your children in ways you may not expect. You need an attorney who understands what you are going through and how it affects your life. We understand the needs of children and the effect of divorce. As fathers we know the importance of a solid relationship with your kids whether you are the mother or father, living with your children or only able to enjoy visitations. Nothing in this world is more important than family- NOTHING! "When it Really Matters" like it does with your family, you need an attorney who understands family. We do! We'll help you navigate Divorce and Family law issues.

Whether or not you should dissolve your marriage may be one of the most important and difficult decisions you will ever face. Divorce is a major life change. There are serious issues that you need to consider when contemplating divorce. Your future, and the future of your family depends upon your ability to think rationally and strategically during this life-changing period. There are many issues to deal with that require the assistance of a caring local attorney. Who will the children live with? How often will they visit the other parent? Will you share parenting time (custody)? Who will have the final say with the children? Who pays for what? Who claims them on taxes? Will there be child support? How much and for how long? These are the decisions that must be made if there are children involved. You can agree on these issues or let a judge decide. If you try and do this on your own, you could be stuck for years!

Even if you don't have children there are still important issues that need our help. Who gets the family home? How do you split the assets? The debts? Will you pay spousal maintenance (alimony)? Will they? How much and for how long? Who pays for health insurance? If you try and do this alone you could either loose property and wind up owing a fortune in spousal maintenance, or you could wind up not getting what you deserve. You need a professional on your side to help you get what you deserve. This is too important to do on your own. You need a local attorney who understands and cares because what you do now Really Matters.

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